About Muscles and Maturity

Even though the information about muscle mass and aging is commonly known, most folks don’t realize that you can actually age more gracefully and stop the rampant atrophy of your muscles by having a more active lifestyle and exercising regularly. Although muscle atrophy is a natural byproduct of aging, it can be minimized. As muscles atrophy, they get marbled with fat that replaces muscle. The greatest enemy of your muscles is a sedentary lifestyle. However, the good news is that even after muscle loss, it is possible to rebuild your muscles and lose the fat through general aerobic activity coupled with weight training.

Often, people’s careers can place them in a sedentary situation, which can greatly deteriorate muscle mass such as those of astronauts who spend time weightless in space. In other situations, certain health conditions can make someone sedentary, even bedridden. In these situations, physical therapy is usually prescribed by doctors to treat bedridden patients. As such, the bedridden patients don’t lose muscle integrity. Someone’s recovery time from being bedridden can be greatly improved if proper exercises are done to prevent muscle loss.

Slowing down the process of muscle atrophy is vital if you want to live a long and healthy life. Research shows us that fatty muscle is more likely to cause a loss of mobility and eventual weakness. When people weaken and lose mobility, they can also decrease their stamina. Without stamina and good mobility, a person’s exercise routine cannot only be challenging, but also extremely painful as well. However, just giving up and sitting on the couch all day will guarantee your muscular demise.

Exercise is the key that unlocks the youthful potential that is still in your muscles. Aerobic exercise will jumpstart your muscles and metabolism. The more you persevere, the more effectively you will succeed at building muscle mass and strength, which in turn will help your body burn fat and provide you with more energy. Actually, research has shown us that even after a few days of regular aerobic activity, your body will get a boost in metabolism.

Quality Exercise

Quality vs Quantity

The key to quality exercise for good health is not measured by how long you workout but by the quality of the exercise that you actually do. Our mindset is programmed to think that someone who jogs for 1 hour gets a better workout than someone who does a 20 minute workout. However, a 20 minute workout that incorporates high intensity, multi-level exercise, with proper recovery and stretching can provide just as much or more.

Diversity and Intensity

Functional exercises involve training the body for the activities performed in daily life. These include exercises like squats, planks, lunges, knee lifts, jumping jacks and sit ups. These incorporate the diversity and give you the dimensional training that your body needs. When you exercise in multiple planes, (frontwards and backwards, side-to-side, and rotational) it allows you to target muscles from all angles so that you don’t develop imbalances. Imbalances can promote injury. This also adds efficiency to your workout by allowing high intensity interval training thus cutting down on time needed to complete your workout.

Recovery and Stretching

Recovery time is as important as the actual workout itself. High intensity workouts absolutely require recovery time. As your intensity increases, you typically need to decrease the frequency of your workout to ensure your body has time to repair and recuperate between sessions. For this reason, it is NOT recommended to do high intensity exercises more than three times a week. Over-exercising can sabotage your fitness efforts. In the case of over exercising, your body will go into an elevated stress response mode which keeps your cortisol levels elevated. Cortisol, also known as “the stress hormone,” is secreted by your adrenal glands and is involved in regulating your insulin, glucose levels, and controlling inflammation. Elevated cortisol will cause your body to store fat instead of building muscle. For this reason it is important to listen to your body and get the important rest that is needed to recover.

It is also important to not overlook the importance of stretching at the beginning and end of each workout. Stretching works with your body’s natural physiological makeup to improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints. Stretching also allows your body to repair itself and prepare for activity.

Treadmill Benefits

Treadmills work great for diabetic patients too. Research shows exercising regularly for prescribed durations (if you are not diabetic then even 20 minutes is enough) as this helps to control the insulin levels in diabetic patients. A well-defined lifestyle which includes a right kind of diet and exercising on regular basis is the best form of tackling diabetes. However, it is advisable to consult your local physician before trying the workouts as this routine may vary from individual to individual.

Overall, exercising for around or less than 20 minutes also suffices for starters. This causes the muscles to utilize the excess glucose as fuel and helping in lowering the glucose levels in the body. Using a treadmill can do these wonders for all kinds of diabetic patients and thus having one even at your home is handy if you are not fond of visiting fitness centers or a gymnasium.

We understand that stepping out of your homes on a daily basis especially if you are heart patient or diabetic is not easy at all, and thus to come around this issue, it is even ideal to own a treadmill. They are more affordable than 10 years ago, and nowadays you also get manual treadmills, which help in burning more calories than the electric treadmills, as you power the belt and not the electricity. They also come a little-curved meaning the treadmills will ensure the incline is a little higher than just the flat surface.

About Body Weight Rocks

The truth is, body-weight training involves so much more, training with your body is actually one of the best forms of exercise you can do. Just for the record here, I’m not saying weight-training with dumbbells and barbells is bad because I don’t believe that for one second. I’m not one of those people who says there is only one way to do things, because we can all use different paths to reach the same destination and if you want to get ripped, body-weight training could be your route and solution to getting there.

You see body-weight training when done right can rapidly transform the way you look and perform. A few examples of this are gymnasts, these guys are in unbelievable shape, if you have ever seen a gymnast perform on the rings, they look amazing and even a lot of boxers still only train using their body and get fantastic results.

If you’ve tried it before and thought you didn’t get results, it’s probably nothing to do with the fact you were only training with your body-weight. It was much more likely you didn’t have a well thought-out training plan. One that evolved and changed to keep you adapting and getting results month after month because lets face it, just doing some press ups and sit ups every-night is not going to cut it.

However, if you want to get great abs and see why body-weight literally rocks, then you need to start working a bit harder, using just body-weight works and it works ridiculously well, when done right.

To get it right, you’ve got to take it to the next level, you can’t expect to do what you’ve always done, because you will just get what you’ve always got. The reason body-weight programs can work, is because the workouts can be brutal and the exercises can be very hard-core.

Instead of just doing a few sit-ups at home like the average program, you need to be using body-weight training the way it’s meant to be done, with intensity. You need to be working on some very tough exercises such as muscle ups, front levers, back levers, rope climbs, to pistol squats and handstand press ups. If you focus on movements like this, you will see big changes, however because body-weight training is tough, it’s important to take your time with the progressions from one movement to another and to be patient, great results don’t come overnight.