Bikini Body

Exercising is one of the oldest methods that are used by people who want to remain fit. Swimming, bike riding and running are some of the most popular workouts. They burn your calories and ensure there is a rise in the metabolism. This in turn causes the quick burning of fat. You should make sure that you find adequate time to exercise so as to get the perfect bikini body and also stay fit.

Doing exercises as a team also helps in keeping the motivation high. You can join a team that is local or make your own team with friends where you can play a few times each week. Having an exercise buddy also assists a lot.

Please also note that you can actually burn many more calories by engaging in interval training. The high intensity kind of training for some 15 minute interval can also help.

Running or walking for a distance of two miles usually burns about 200 calories. Cutting out some junk food and walking for some miles every day can really help you lose some of that unnecessary fat. Don’t take too much of desserts, snacks and sodas. To cut that weight, you should eat small meals frequently. Starving yourself doesn’t really help.

It’s important to remember that our brains usually take about 20 minutes to actually realize that you are indeed full. Your diet should be mainly proteins and carbs. Make sure it’s balanced. Around 40{58a44aa700d0f7d481798b3fb43855508d9afafab27b5f093d03e69ec98cab24} of the calories should be from proteins such as beans, peanut butter, fish and chicken. Another 40{58a44aa700d0f7d481798b3fb43855508d9afafab27b5f093d03e69ec98cab24} from carbs like whole wheat, brown rice, vegetables and sweet potatoes. The other 20{58a44aa700d0f7d481798b3fb43855508d9afafab27b5f093d03e69ec98cab24} should be from the natural fats such as eggs, nuts and avocado.

Kickboxing As Exercise

Over the years, new fighting techniques have been incorporated into the practice. In the olden days, the sport became so popular that the rich, the poor, the young and the old wanted to be trained. New techniques incorporated over the years include the groin guard, the gloves, rules and regulations plus weight classes.

Today, kickboxing has become popular around the world and these are some of the Muay Thai health benefits you are bound to gain if you practice it.

Improved cardiovascular health

The heart is a vital organ in the body and it helps to pump oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body muscles as well as pumping the deoxygenated blood from various body parts to lungs to be oxygenated. To ensure that your muscles receive the much needed nutrients, it is important to improve your heart health.

When you engage in Muay Thai, it will have a huge impact on the cardiopulmonary system. This is possible both in aerobic and anaerobic ways. It will help to improve your cardiovascular health assuring you of increased blood flow and nourished muscles plus organs.

Improved core strength

Your core muscles include the abdominal muscles, the back muscles and the pelvic muscles. When you have strong core muscles, you are able to perform different activities with ease. For example, if you are involved in gymnastics, you can be able to achieve different positions thanks to strong back muscles. Furthermore, since you have to lift a few things when moving items, your back muscles need to be strong.

With Muay Thai kickboxing techniques, the different movements you make during training and when fighting help to strength your core muscles.

Improved hip mobility

When you age, your hips are bound to ache and be problematic. This can be avoided thanks to kickboxing. During training and fighting, you need to kick your opponent on different parts of the body. This means that you will have to use your hip muscles frequently as they can help you to disarm and defeat your opponent. Apart from the kicks, the knee movements help to strengthen the muscles around the legs and hips. This assures you of better hip mobility and no hip problems when you age.

Prevents onset of stress

Every day, people get to wake up, prepare themselves and head to work. At work, you will be required to meet certain goals as well solving challenges. In the evening, you have to fight the traffic jam as you head home only to be met with more chores and responsibilities at home. This is bound to increase your stress levels. With Muay Thai health benefits, you can improve production of serotonin and dopamine which helps to relax you and make you feel good.

Improve Squat

First, before you worry about form, examine the surface you stand on. You should be standing on a flat hard surface and not an exercise mat. The point is to keep your feet as flat on the ground as possible. This helps you balance as your body moves down into the squat and back up to stand. Some sneakers are highly cushioned and this can also contribute to lack of balance. Do not be afraid to try squatting barefoot.

Now we concern ourselves with form. The width of your stance will affect the muscle groups that will be engaged the most. A narrow stance will primarily engage the quadriceps, a shoulder-width stance will engage the quads and hamstrings, and a wide stance will primarily engage the hamstrings. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on a shoulder-width stance.

Second, stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart. Your body should be relaxed from head to toe. Your spine should be straight, your shoulders back, and your chin high.

Third, tilt your hips back and put a slight bend in your knees. It is very important to tilt your hips before going down into your squat. This will help you feel the burn where you are supposed to and keeps tension off of your knees. Sticking your butt out will save your knees and help you remain injury free.

Fourth, now that you are standing properly, it is time to descend into the squat position. The movement should be slow and steady as you drop down bringing your quads parallel to the floor. At this point, you move slowly to keep your form in check. As for your upper body, make sure that your chest is out, shoulders are back, spine is straight, and abdominals are tight. Now look to your lower body. While your quads are parallel to the floor, your knees should not pass further than the tips of your toes.

Easy Fitness Tricks

Gear Up

The right type of shoes or clothes for the activity must be worn to put a stop to the many fitness injuries that occur daily when we are not properly informed. Shoes have to be specifically designed to support your type of foot, for the activity you want to do. Be dressed in clothing made with fabric that is designed to pull sweat away from your body. Wear protective gear, such as helmets and knee pads for activities that could have a higher incidence of falling, such as cycling, skating or skiing.

Stay Hydrated

The more active you are, the more fluids your body needs, according to Northwestern Health Sciences University. During one hour of exercise, you can lose 1 qt. of water, so it is important to drink plenty of water, which is considered the best fluid replacement during exercise, before, during and after you workout. Two cups of water about two hours before exercise is sufficient, suggests the American Council on Exercise, as well as 6 to 8 oz. every 20 minutes during exercise. If you are exercising for longer–45 to 90 minutes–consider a sports drink that contains electrolytes to replace those your body has lost.

Don’t Overdo It

While it is true that work out can slow the loss of muscle mass and ease muscle and joint pain, too much of a good thing can be harmful. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests that 30 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking or riding your bike, provides you with many health benefits, contrary to earlier beliefs that you needed to carry out vigorous exercise to reap any rewards. And although moderate intensity is best, low-impact exercise also is advantageous.