About Muscles and Maturity

Even though the information about muscle mass and aging is commonly known, most folks don’t realize that you can actually age more gracefully and stop the rampant atrophy of your muscles by having a more active lifestyle and exercising regularly. Although muscle atrophy is a natural byproduct of aging, it can be minimized. As muscles atrophy, they get marbled with fat that replaces muscle. The greatest enemy of your muscles is a sedentary lifestyle. However, the good news is that even after muscle loss, it is possible to rebuild your muscles and lose the fat through general aerobic activity coupled with weight training.

Often, people’s careers can place them in a sedentary situation, which can greatly deteriorate muscle mass such as those of astronauts who spend time weightless in space. In other situations, certain health conditions can make someone sedentary, even bedridden. In these situations, physical therapy is usually prescribed by doctors to treat bedridden patients. As such, the bedridden patients don’t lose muscle integrity. Someone’s recovery time from being bedridden can be greatly improved if proper exercises are done to prevent muscle loss.

Slowing down the process of muscle atrophy is vital if you want to live a long and healthy life. Research shows us that fatty muscle is more likely to cause a loss of mobility and eventual weakness. When people weaken and lose mobility, they can also decrease their stamina. Without stamina and good mobility, a person’s exercise routine cannot only be challenging, but also extremely painful as well. However, just giving up and sitting on the couch all day will guarantee your muscular demise.

Exercise is the key that unlocks the youthful potential that is still in your muscles. Aerobic exercise will jumpstart your muscles and metabolism. The more you persevere, the more effectively you will succeed at building muscle mass and strength, which in turn will help your body burn fat and provide you with more energy. Actually, research has shown us that even after a few days of regular aerobic activity, your body will get a boost in metabolism.