Build Triceps Fast

This is a nice starting point particularly when dealing with the smaller muscles such as the triceps. When you train the triceps, twice in a week, this will provide a great stimulus for that greater growth as long as the training frequency isn’t increased for over 6 to 8 weeks. This is a group of muscles that will recover fast and therefore, you will only need 2 to 3 days between the workouts. With this already said, you can choose to train the chest on Monday, the triceps on Tuesday and the shoulders on Wednesday but this won’t qualify as 2 or 3 rest days as multi-joint presses for the shoulders and chest will involve the extension of the elbow. These involve elbow extensions and this means that the tris are being worked on the back-to-back days. It is important to remember this as you set up the split.

When you train tris around 2 times in a week, it means that you should not workout the chest and shoulders the day prior to or after you have trained the arms. You will not need to have extra knowledge to understand split but you will have to understand the limitations. It is also worth noting that in case you are doing triceps around twice in a week, you should ensure that these are quite different so that the muscle fibers can be stimulated in various ways. You should be able to make the routines a basic one for mass building.

You will definitely understand how fatigued your triceps will feel when you engage in chest and shoulder workout. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy those meatier triceps, you should focus on training the smaller group of muscles immediately after engaging in the larger workout days. Since the triceps don’t get pre-fatigued, it will be possible to provide them with more weight and more energy and this is a good combination for getting that maximum stimulus. For other ideas on how to build triceps, get in touch with Muscle Prodigy.